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Mandala ‘Fire Is Mine’

13th April 2015


one week ago, my first ever band released our first ever single, eighteen years after we formed. click above and have a listen!

Mandala debut single coming soon!

28th March 2015


my original band, Mandala, is back together and we’re going to release our first ever single on the 6th of April (the debut album will follow in May).

we’ll be announcing radio premieres this week, but for now, i hope you’ll enjoy this little sneak peak!

Prog Magazine Premiere ‘Burn The Brightest Day’!

4th December 2014


Prog Magazine have just premiered the video for ‘Burn The Brightest Day’. Click here to see it.

They say:

Rhys Marsh has premiered the video for his track Burn The Brightest Day via Prog.

It’s the third single from The Autumn Ghost mainman’s debut solo album, Sentiment, released last month.

Marsh tells Prog: “Burn The Brightest Day is one of the most direct things I’ve ever recorded, both musically and lyrically. I filmed the video round the corner from my studio one sunny morning. I really love the retro nostalgia feel.”

The Norwegian-based singer, songwriter and producer says of Sentiment: “It’s my darkest and noisiest album so far. That encouraged me to step away from my comfort zones and really delve into more personal matters.”

‘Last November’ Radio Premiere

26th October 2014


This evening, my new single, ‘Last November‘, will be premiered on AAFM‘s Xymphonia radio programme.

Click here for more information.

‘Sentiment’ Pre-Orders

18th October 2014


‘Sentiment’ is now available to pre-order from:

Burning Shed (UK)
Just For Kicks (Germany)
Marquee Inc (Japan)
Musea Records (France)

The first 50 copies from Burning Shed will be signed by Rhys.

‘The Seventh Face’ Video Premiere

13th October 2014


The first single from my forthcoming solo album is released today, & i’m very happy that God Is In The TV are premiering the music video. They say:

“A darker more shadow lined approach is taken, its ghostly pang threaded in suspense is stirred in a fracturing isolationist disturbia and prowling psychosis…”

Ladies & gents, here is ‘The Seventh Face’. I hope y’all enjoy it.

Premiere In Five Minutes!

10th October 2014


Click here to listen to the world premiere of ‘The Seventh Face’, which will be on the air at exactly 17:00 Central European Time / 4 pm in the UK!

In case you missed it, the broadcast will be available online until 11th April, 2015.

‘The Seventh Face’ Radio Premiere!

10th October 2014


I’m really, really happy to say that the first single from my new album will be premiered by NRK P13, on their ProgLogg show, today at 17:00 (if you’re in Norway / Europe, or 4pm in the UK). If you’re outside of Norway, for some context, this is one of the most popular radio stations, hence my excitement.

As with pretty much every album i’ve made, it feels like i’ve been working on it for ever, so i can’t wait to share it (so hopefully it might become a part of your life as well).

Oh, and whilst i’m at it, here’s the album cover, illustrated by the wonderful Viviana González!

The ‘Sentiment’ Sessions — pedal steel #1

1st October 2014


The next ‘Sentiment’ session video is played on my pedal steel guitar — an instrument i’ve loved for ever, have owned for a couple of years, and am still finding my way around. Tt’s a beautiful mystery!

For the equipment-curious, i ran it through a Space Echo, into a Vox AC-15 (for the gear-heads, it was then recorded with an early-seventies Sennheiser, through a Universal Audio pre-amp). I hope you enjoy!

The ‘Sentiment’ Sessions — acoustic guitar #1

28th September 2014


The next instalment in The ‘Sentiment’ Sessions. Some Sunday evening acoustic guitar, played on Martha, my beloved Lowden. Enjoy!

The ‘Sentiment’ Sessions — bass synth #1

24th September 2014


Here’s the third session video from the making of my debut solo album, ‘Sentiment’. Time for some bass synth!

The ‘Sentiment’ Sessions — drums #1

22nd September 2014


Here’s the second session video from the making of my debut solo album, ‘Sentiment’. Some drums!

The ‘Sentiment’ Sessions — electric guitar #1

18th September 2014


As promised, here’s the first session video from the making of my debut solo album, which i can now announce will be called ‘Sentiment’.

First, we’ll begin with some electric guitar. I hope you enjoy it — there’ll be lots more of these little snippets coming over the next month!

Debut Album Announcement!

17th September 2014


Ladies & gents, my debut solo album is set for release in November! I’m very proud of this one, and i can’t wait to start presenting the songs to you.

As the advert, courtesy of Norway Rock Magazine, says — there’ll be session videos appearing in the run up to the release. You can expect the first one tomorrow!

Kauksus Q&A!

24th April 2014


Ketil, Mattias & i have been asked some questions regarding the Kaukasus album, so we say down & answered some of them!

The album is available to pre-order from Burning Shed now!

Kaukasus Debut Single Released Today!

7th April 2014


Kaukasus‘ debut single is released today! Click above to listen to it.

“‘Lift The Memory’ is an impassioned, exciting teaser for the impending album release later this year”
So So Gay Magazine

“‘Lift The Memory‘ is filled with beautiful swimming music colours. This is a serious well-crafted music ship”

Kaukasus Radio Premiere!

1st April 2014


This coming Sunday, the debut Kaukasus single, ‘Lift The Memory’, will be premiered on Dutch radio. Tune into the Paperlate show from 19:30 (Central European Time) to hear the song, followed by an interview.

Here’s the artwork, by the fantastic Henning Lindahl (Airwaves Design).

New Amethystium Album Out Now

29th March 2014


The new Amethystium album, ‘Transience’ — which i recorded a few parts for — is out now.

Click here to listen to a sample.

Part Four Of The Song-By-Song Breakdown

16th February 2014


this was a daunting song to attempt. covering a King Crimson song is a pretty dangerous ground to be walking, so i decided to lead it into more of an orchestral Scott Walker style, although with a Mellotron orchestra. the contrast really gave me something i could work with, with the beautiful lyrics and melody really fitting perfectly into this setting.

some reviews have said the following about it:

“Even darker and more brutal than its predecessor, focusing on a descending pattern of Mellotron cello, loads of reverb, and haunting vocals, like a funereal version of the classic track.”
Progulator (USA)

“Achingly rephrased, with an emotion-sapping widescreen grandeur, that freewheels between the spectral and the monastic.”
The Sunday Experience (UK)

“As dreamy as it is ominous, sounding almost more ‘King Crimson’ than King Crimson themselves.”
io Pages (The Netherlands)

listen to my version of ‘Moonchild’ on Spotify

King Crimson

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