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The ‘Sentiment’ Sessions — drums #1

22nd September 2014


Here’s the second session video from the making of my debut solo album, ‘Sentiment’. Some drums!

The ‘Sentiment’ Sessions — electric guitar #1

18th September 2014


As promised, here’s the first session video from the making of my debut solo album, which i can now announce will be called ‘Sentiment’.

First, we’ll begin with some electric guitar. I hope you enjoy it — there’ll be lots more of these little snippets coming over the next month!

Debut Album Announcement!

17th September 2014


Ladies & gents, my debut solo album is set for release in November! I’m very proud of this one, and i can’t wait to start presenting the songs to you.

As the advert, courtesy of Norway Rock Magazine, says — there’ll be session videos appearing in the run up to the release. You can expect the first one tomorrow!

Kauksus Q&A!

24th April 2014


Ketil, Mattias & i have been asked some questions regarding the Kaukasus album, so we say down & answered some of them!

The album is available to pre-order from Burning Shed now!

Kaukasus Debut Single Released Today!

7th April 2014


Kaukasus‘ debut single is released today! Click above to listen to it.

“‘Lift The Memory’ is an impassioned, exciting teaser for the impending album release later this year”
So So Gay Magazine

“‘Lift The Memory‘ is filled with beautiful swimming music colours. This is a serious well-crafted music ship”

Kaukasus Radio Premiere!

1st April 2014


This coming Sunday, the debut Kaukasus single, ‘Lift The Memory’, will be premiered on Dutch radio. Tune into the Paperlate show from 19:30 (Central European Time) to hear the song, followed by an interview.

Here’s the artwork, by the fantastic Henning Lindahl (Airwaves Design).

New Amethystium Album Out Now

29th March 2014


The new Amethystium album, ‘Transience’ — which i recorded a few parts for — is out now.

Click here to listen to a sample.

Part Four Of The Song-By-Song Breakdown

16th February 2014


this was a daunting song to attempt. covering a King Crimson song is a pretty dangerous ground to be walking, so i decided to lead it into more of an orchestral Scott Walker style, although with a Mellotron orchestra. the contrast really gave me something i could work with, with the beautiful lyrics and melody really fitting perfectly into this setting.

some reviews have said the following about it:

“Even darker and more brutal than its predecessor, focusing on a descending pattern of Mellotron cello, loads of reverb, and haunting vocals, like a funereal version of the classic track.”
Progulator (USA)

“Achingly rephrased, with an emotion-sapping widescreen grandeur, that freewheels between the spectral and the monastic.”
The Sunday Experience (UK)

“As dreamy as it is ominous, sounding almost more ‘King Crimson’ than King Crimson themselves.”
io Pages (The Netherlands)

listen to my version of ‘Moonchild’ on Spotify

King Crimson

Prog Magazine Reviews Covers EP

3rd February 2014


very nice review of my covers EP in Prog Magazine!

Prog Magazine reviews covers EP

A Somewhat-Festive Part Three Of The Song-By-Song Breakdown

24th December 2013


here’s a season-appropriate song! the first time i heard Scott Walker, in around 2000, i couldn’t believe that someone could have such a huge voice. i heard ‘Big Louise‘ on a compilation album and i played it over and over, thinking “how is this possible?”. after that, i bought his first four albums and was really taken by them, especially ‘Scott 3‘, which i still haven’t really heard anything like (though i think David Sylvian‘s ‘Secrets Of The Beehive‘ is the album that comes the closest to this mood).

the original has a gorgeous orchestration, so of course my version had to be completely different. it ended up swinging a bit, which — even though i very seldom listen to jazz — is something that quite often happens in my music. i’m not entirely sure why, but it always gives me the chance to croon, so… well, that’s probably why!

the explosion in the middle of the song was quite unexpected and really gave the chords a new twist, actually making them sound quite evil. i love those little surprises!

“You watch the leaves, as they shiver your loneliness

Your eyes are lanterns growing dim

I hum inside, like the meadows in summer

But I’ll never light them up again”

listen to my version of ‘Winter Night’ on Spotify

Scott Walker

Part Two Of The Song-By-Song Breakdown

6th December 2013


Mellowing Grey‘ is one of Family‘s most beautiful songs, from their masterpiece album, ‘Music In A Doll’s House‘. in fact, it’s one of the most beautiful songs of its time. this one always stood out, with its magical atmosphere and gorgeous Mellotron arrangement.

for my version, i wanted to base it around the piano, accompanied by some soft, mallet drums and double-tracked bass (one on the left and one on the right). almost like it was a jazz trio in a David Lynch film, with the occasional explosion of fuzz bass and Mellotron choir, all the while wrapped in velvet.

some beautifully psychedelic lyrics as well:

“Mellowing grey, in misty morning’s day
My thoughts turn to you, kingfisher blue
Loveliness born, in velvet shades of dawn
Joy from your eyes, soft summer skies”

listen to my version of ‘Mellowing Grey’ on Spotify


Silje Leirvik ‘Endless Serenade’ Now Available To Pre-Order

27th October 2013


Silje Leirvik‘s second album, ‘Endless Serenade‘, is now available to pre-order from Burning Shed!

the album sounds great & looks great (just look at that double-gatefold, mini-lp-style sleeve)! we’re very proud of it. click here for more details & to hear a sample.

Silje Leirvik 'Endless Serenade'

Part One Of The Song-By-Song Breakdown

7th October 2013


i’ve been a huge fan of Crosby, Stills & Nash since i was very young. the way their voices blend together has been sending shivers down my spine for longer than i can remember. i was lucky to see them at the Royal Albert Hall a few years ago, in which i was treated to three hours of some of the finest songs of all time. an amazing evening!

i chose this song because it has such a haunting quality to it — a real longing, that i can relate to in some of my own songs. after stripping it down, i found that the lyrics really stood out in a new way — they’re actually a lot more delicate than i realised. to compliment this, i recorded some mellow fingerpicked acoustic guitars, sang it very gently (almost whispering in places), then added a soft layer of pedal steel guitar over the top.

all in all, it’s a beautiful song with a beautiful message, and probably the best use of alliteration i’ve ever heard.

“Stand by the stairway,
you’ll see something certain to tell you,
confusion has its cost.
Love isn’t lying,
it’s loose in a lady who lingers,
saying she is lost.
And choking on hello”

listen to my version of ‘Helplessly Hoping’ on Spotify

Crosby, Stills & Nash

‘Suspended In A Weightless Wind’ Released Today!

30th September 2013


My new EP, ‘Suspended In A Weightless Wind‘, is released today!

Thank you so much to everyone who’s already bought the CD — there are only a few copies left now & there won’t be any more printed. If you’d like one of the last copies, signed & hand-numbered, please click here.

Also, thank you to everyone who’s watched & shared the video for ‘Things Behind The Sun’.

I thought it’d be nice to write about the songs, one every week, explaining why i chose them & why i arranged them the way i did. I’ll start that next week. Be prepared, though — i may ramble on a bit here & there.

The EP is also available to listen to on Spotify.

Now let’s light some incense & pretend it’s 1972!

Pre-Order ‘Suspended In A Weightless Wind’

15th September 2013


Burning Shed have just started taking pre-orders for ‘Suspended In A Weightless Wind‘. Click here to be taken to their page!

Solo Covers EP!

11th September 2013


After four albums with The Autumn Ghost, I’m about to unleash my first solo release! It’s a five-song EP of covers, called ‘Suspended In A Weightless Wind‘, and will be released on the 30th of September. There will only be 100 CDs printed, all of which I’ll hand-number and sign. Pre-orders will begin soon.

As a taster, here’s the first song from the EP — ‘Things Behind The Sun‘, written by Nick Drake.

Thank you to Mark Barton, editor of the legendary publication Losing Today, for this very poetic preview:

“One of the most mercurial moments from Drake’s preciously limited catalogue, ’Things Behind The Sun’, as reworked by Marsh, is shimmered to the sweet allure of whispering strings, by way of accentuating and magnifying its bittersweet opine. Marsh adeptly hones in on that sense of quiet euphoria, stolen in faraway introspective detachment. Where Drake sours the sweetness in winter-lined reflection, Marsh wraps it warmly, investing a grounded majesty to the workbook; bathing and un-tethering the textures, in a vividly-lush panoramic framing, that adds rather than detracts, one suspects, to Drake’s intended aural vision.”

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