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Autumnsongs Records

Autumnsongs Records is a Trondheim-based record label. Distributed by Burning Shed (UK), Just For Kicks (Germany), Musea (France), Marquee Inc. (Japan) & MVD (North America)

Our releases:

6th April, 2015: Mandala ‘Fire Is Mine’ [single — digital]
16th February, 2015: Mollmaskin ‘The Long Shadow’ [single — digital]
8th December, 2014: Rhys Marsh ‘Burn The Brightest Day’ [single — digital]
24th November, 2014: Mollmaskin ‘How Many Ants’ [single — digital]
10th November, 2014: Rhys Marsh ‘Sentiment’ [album — CD & digital]
27th October, 2014: Rhys Marsh ‘Last November’ [single — digital]
13th October, 2014: Rhys Marsh ‘The Seventh Face’ [single — digital]
29th September, 2014: Mater Thallium ‘Finite’ [single — digital]
18th August, 2014: Mater Thallium ‘Abandoned By The Sun’ [album — CD, vinyl & digital]
28th July, 2014: Mater Thallium ‘Exiled Witness’ [single — digital]
5th May, 2014: Kaukasus ‘I’ [album — CD & digital]
7th April, 2014: Kaukasus ‘Lift The Memory’ [single — digital]
27th January, 2014: Silje Leirvik ‘Black Heart’ [single — digital]
11th November, 2013: Silje Leirvik ‘Endless Serenade’ [album — CD & digital]
8th October, 2013: Silje Leirvik ‘Silver & Gold’ [single — digital]
30th September, 2013: Rhys Marsh ‘Suspended In A Weightless Wind’ [EP — limited-edition CD & digital]
10th June, 2013: Rhys Marsh And The Autumn Ghost ‘And I Wait’ [single — digital]
29th April, 2013: Rhys Marsh And The Autumn Ghost ‘Trio’ [album — CD & digital]
5th March, 2013: Silje Leirvik ‘Dark Pages’ [single — digital]
12th November, 2012: Silje Leirvik ‘With The Lights Turned Out So Beautiful’ [album — CD & digital]
5th November, 2012: Silje Leirvik ‘With Me’ [single — digital]

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Autumnsongs Recording Studio

Autumnsongs Recording Studio is run by Rhys Marsh, who, as a producer & musician, has worked on albums by The Opium Cartel, Silje Leirvik, Unit, When Mary, Amethystium, Peter Broderick & Trouble Over Tokyo — contributing vocals, guitars (acoustic, electric, bass & pedal steel), keyboards (piano, organ & Mellotron) & drums, along with arrangements for strings, woodwind & brass ensembles. As well as this, Marsh has also released four albums with his ‘multi-national orchestra’, The Autumn Ghost.

Marsh was trained in the art of analogue recording, in the mid-nineties, in a London studio designed by George Martin. He has since adapted these techniques to digital, giving him a more organic approach to recording & mixing.

Marsh is available to work on your project, whether as an instrumentalist, arranger, mixer or producer.

Previous clients include Termo Records, NRK, Musea Records, Schoenwetter Schallplatten, TV 2, Better Place Recordings, Electric Sheep Records, AM.mu / Neurodisc Records, When Mary Records, LL Records, Hush Records & Autumnsongs Records.

Please get in touch for more information.

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