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A Somewhat-Festive Part Three Of The Song-By-Song Breakdown

24th December 2013

here’s a season-appropriate song! the first time i heard Scott Walker, in around 2000, i couldn’t believe that someone could have such a huge voice. i heard ‘Big Louise‘ on a compilation album and i played it over and over, thinking “how is this possible?”. after that, i bought his first four albums and was really taken by them, especially ‘Scott 3‘, which i still haven’t really heard anything like (though i think David Sylvian‘s ‘Secrets Of The Beehive‘ is the album that comes the closest to this mood).

the original has a gorgeous orchestration, so of course my version had to be completely different. it ended up swinging a bit, which — even though i very seldom listen to jazz — is something that quite often happens in my music. i’m not entirely sure why, but it always gives me the chance to croon, so… well, that’s probably why!

the explosion in the middle of the song was quite unexpected and really gave the chords a new twist, actually making them sound quite evil. i love those little surprises!

“You watch the leaves, as they shiver your loneliness

Your eyes are lanterns growing dim

I hum inside, like the meadows in summer

But I’ll never light them up again”

listen to my version of ‘Winter Night’ on Spotify

Scott Walker

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