Rhys Marsh

Album Release: ‘Dulcima’

5th October 2009


‘Dulcima’, the second album from Rhys Marsh And The Autumn Ghost, is released today!

“The year’s autumn soundtrack.”


“Askew and magnificent.”


“Nothing short of spectacular.”

The Big Takeover

“’Dulcima’ is full-tilt, intense modern progressive rock that will appeal as much to fans of Muse and The Mars Volta as to fans of David Sylvian and King Crimson.
It’s a mixture of classic sounds — mellotrons, analogue synths and fat guitars abound — and a modern sensibility, with an in-your-face production and ultra-precise playing. The songs are rich in contrasts and dynamics, changing on a dime from serene and meditative to loud and menacing.”

Record Heaven

Pick up a copy here.

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