Rhys Marsh

Part Four Of The Song-By-Song Breakdown

16th February 2014

this was a daunting song to attempt. covering a King Crimson song is a pretty dangerous ground to be walking, so i decided to lead it into more of an orchestral Scott Walker style, although with a Mellotron orchestra. the contrast really gave me something i could work with, with the beautiful lyrics and melody really fitting perfectly into this setting.

some reviews have said the following about it:

“Even darker and more brutal than its predecessor, focusing on a descending pattern of Mellotron cello, loads of reverb, and haunting vocals, like a funereal version of the classic track.”
Progulator (USA)

“Achingly rephrased, with an emotion-sapping widescreen grandeur, that freewheels between the spectral and the monastic.”
The Sunday Experience (UK)

“As dreamy as it is ominous, sounding almost more ‘King Crimson’ than King Crimson themselves.”
io Pages (The Netherlands)

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King Crimson

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