Rhys Marsh

Part Two Of The Song-By-Song Breakdown

6th December 2013

Mellowing Grey‘ is one of Family‘s most beautiful songs, from their masterpiece album, ‘Music In A Doll’s House‘. in fact, it’s one of the most beautiful songs of its time. this one always stood out, with its magical atmosphere and gorgeous Mellotron arrangement.

for my version, i wanted to base it around the piano, accompanied by some soft, mallet drums and double-tracked bass (one on the left and one on the right). almost like it was a jazz trio in a David Lynch film, with the occasional explosion of fuzz bass and Mellotron choir, all the while wrapped in velvet.

some beautifully psychedelic lyrics as well:

“Mellowing grey, in misty morning’s day
My thoughts turn to you, kingfisher blue
Loveliness born, in velvet shades of dawn
Joy from your eyes, soft summer skies”

listen to my version of ‘Mellowing Grey’ on Spotify


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