Rhys Marsh

Second Video From ‘The Black Sun Shining’

22nd January 2016

the second video from my current song-cycle, ‘The Black Sun Shining’, is now on YouTube for your listening pleasure. i hope you enjoy it!

the album will get its worldwide release on the 11th March, and pre-orders are now being taken at places including Amazon.com and HMV Japan.

if you’d like one of the first editions, Burning Shed still have a few left.

“Multi-instrumentalist invokes Scandinavian melancholy and the spirit of the 1970s”

“‘The Black Sun Shining’ has an extraordinary and unusual mood, with ambitiously-shaped and extremely original music. Dense and dark, but all the time inspiring. Difficult to define, while at the same time fascinating. The aesthetics, creativity, melancholy and feeling that we find on the album show us the infinite artistic possibilities of Marsh”

“Rhys doesn’t scream his message in your face like the archetypal nihilistic rocker. He’s far more seductive. There’s depth and texture here, seasoned with Rhys’s trademark melancholic crooning, and in places I am reminded of David Bowie’s Berlin trilogy”
—The Progressive Aspect

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