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Summary Of ‘Trio’ Reviews

18th July 2013

Just put together a collection of review snippets for the latest album. Some incredible words. Thank you so much to all who have listened to & written about it!

“Marsh invokes Scandinavian melancholy & the spirit of the 70s”
Prog Magazine (England)

“Marsh’s strongest release to date, which captures the band’s outstanding synergy”
Norway Rock Magazine (Norway)

“The album shifts between fragility & beauty to passionate intensity. The blend of these elements, particularly as the performances unfold, is hypnotic & powerful”
Sea Of Tranquility (USA)

“Somewhere between dreamy, spacey art-rock & prog from the King Crimson school”
Babyblaue Seiten (Germany)

“Improvisation at its best, surrounded by drama & noir elements”
Rockway (Greece)

“All the components are correctly balanced — the delicate set against the boisterous, the cautious against the hazardous, the calculated against nature’s glorious orchestrated chaos”
Scream Magazine (Norway)

“Hallowed & mellow vibes, with intentionally-adept heavy nuances & atmospheric moodiness, which engulf the record with a raw emotion that lies beneath the surface”
Ytsejam (USA)

“A beautiful album that exudes a warm, intimate glow”
iO Pages (Netherlands)

“The music of Marsh & his Autumn Ghost twists its shape, but what we have in return is a substance more vivid than ever”
Storia Della Musica (Italy)

“Perfect for quiet evenings, when the darkness is broken only by the sounds from the speakers”
Power Metal (Germany)

“A magical journey, which alternates between ethereal atmospheres & more edgy passages, verging on psychedelic jazz”
Music Waves (France)

“Right from the start, it becomes apparent that this is going to be a thrilling ride”
Dutch Progressive Rock Page (Netherlands)

Rhys Marsh And The Autumn Ghost 'Trio'

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