Rhys Marsh

‘Suspended In A Weightless Wind’ Review: Norway Rock Magazine

14th October 2013

In reality, this is Marsh‘s first solo album, and its subtitle – ‘Covers, Volume I’ – gives an indication of what’s to come.

The mini-album delivers five rather personal cover interpretations, where the England-exile pretty much succeeds in transferring favourites from the 60s and 70s into his own style. Nick Drake‘s ‘Things Behind The Sun’ is coloured with lots of mellotron, and ends up sounding like an Autumn Ghost composition. Marsh is more faithful to the original in his approach to Crosby, Stills & Nash‘s ‘Helplessly Hoping’, while Family‘s sovereign ‘Mellowing Grey’ appears distant and haunting. Credit should certainly be given for the choice of King Crimson composition, ‘Moonchild’, and the lack of drums can add to the charm of it.

‘Suspended In A Weightless Wind’ should be considered a successful snack, pressed in very limited quantities and, for now, available from Burning Shed.

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