Rhys Marsh

‘Suspended In A Weightless Wind’ Review: The Sunday Experience

9th September 2013

One of the most mercurial moments from Drake’s preciously limited catalogue, ’Things Behind The Sun’, as reworked by Marsh, is shimmered to the sweet allure of whispering strings, by way of accentuating and magnifying its bittersweet opine. Marsh adeptly hones in on that sense of quiet euphoria, stolen in faraway introspective detachment. Where Drake sours the sweetness in winter-lined reflection, Marsh wraps it warmly, investing a grounded majesty to the workbook; bathing and un-tethering the textures in a vividly-lush panoramic framing, that adds rather than detracts, one suspects, to Drake’s intended aural vision.

The Sunday Experience

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