Rhys Marsh

‘The Blue Hour’ Review: Music By Mail

31st October 2012

This is the third album by the English musician based in Trondheim, Norway. Trondheim is known among other things for its very active musical scene, especially the jazz one. So it’s not a wonder that someone like Rhys Marsh has settled down there. What I am more curious about is to find out if its location played a major role in the feelings expressed by our man. Because delicate and thoughtful, melancholic atmospheres habit this new album, quite close to No-Man’s climates; even the leader’s voice somehow evokes Tim Bowness; semi orchestral arrangements with a predilection for *lesser often used* brass and wind instruments (bass clarinet, oboe, bassoon) are a true pleasure, associated to plaintive other (pedal steel, zither) and a lot more. You will even be able to hear the difference between the mellotron and its forerunner the Chamberlin. A great album with plenty of subtle touches and fragile, languish musical drops of meditative and nostalgic, laid back character!



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