Rhys Marsh

‘The Blue Hour’ Review: Progulator

13th November 2012

The latest Rhys Marsh album offered me something I never expected: enjoyability. Honestly despite the fact that previous Rhys Marsh albums featured several of my most beloved prog musicians, I was never quite able to get into the indie-singer-songwriter vibe that they displayed. So, when I first heard The Blue Hour my expectations were very low. I found myself instantly surprised by what I was hearing. With some shame, I will say that I was delighted to hear the trons swapped out by great woodwinds arrangements. Yes, you heard me, basically what you get here is a vocal driven album with a mostly woodwinds band for accompaniment. Honestly, it sounds terrific. I was instantly sold when I heard the first track, “And I Wait,” which was so dark and moody, the tone being accented perfectly by the choice of instruments. While the songs are simple, they have a lot of feeling, and left me satisfied. At times, they can be incredibly stripped down, like the track “Broken Light” or “Further from the Truth,” but they retain a strong sense of magic, a deep tension that hinges on the fact that you wait for it to be released, but it never does. All I can say is that The Blue Hour is an album that will add some good diversity to your prog collection, even if leaving you a little ‘hipster.’



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