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On the 1st of September, 2023, i’ll release my fourth solo album, ‘Towards The West’.

This has been a really difficult album to make. I started writing it — in fact, i wrote and recorded all the music — last September, when my Dad was really sick.

He sadly passed away in late October, and after a few months i decided that i needed to get back to the album, to work on the lyrics and vocals. All the songs are about quite specific moments in time that my Dad and i shared over the past year. Some incredibly sad and painful moments, but ultimately it’s because of him and his inspiration that i got into music in such a big way, so i’m forever grateful for that.

Although making this album hasn’t really made me feel better about things — which i somehow thought it would — i’m glad that i’ve been able to express myself in these songs.

I am proud of this album, and the organic way that the songs came about. This album is more acoustic-based than my previous albums, and it’s mostly based around my upright piano — a piano that has such a beautiful character, which really captured the melancholy and sadness that i was feeling. I’ve contrasted that with some more abrasive textures from the electric guitar and drums, and some cinematic Mellotron lines.

I was able to restore the recording of an interview that my Dad made in 1970, and include that in one of the songs, and my son also joins me on the last song, as we sing the final words of the album: “You’re always in my mind, you’re always in my heart”.

For anyone who’s experienced an intense loss, i’d be happy if these songs somehow resonated, or even helped a bit.

Thank you for listening.

Rhys Marsh

Trondheim, 1st of June, 2023


‘The Echoes Of Your Mind’, the new album from Mandala, is released today!

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"These songs are tinged with melancholy, yet paradoxically uplifting. Soaring guitars, saxophones and Mellotrons with layered vocal harmonies are all tools Rhys has used to build positively orchestral sounds, in an album that is intimate in places and lush throughout.

On the surface, Rhys’s vocal style would have slotted in perfectly with bands from the Big Band era. His albums would sit equally well with the Progressive Rock bands or the more art-rock orientated artists of the seventies.

It would seem in 'October After All', if he hadn’t already done so, Rhys Marsh has found his sound."

The Progressive Aspect:


“‘October After All’ is a record that we take pleasure in discovering and rediscovering. Accessible, well thought-out, sensitive and profound, the latest Rhys Marsh is a beautiful album that makes you want to immerse yourself in the discography of its creator.”

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'October After All' is now available to pre-order at Burning Shed:


here are the details of my new album, plus pre-orders and a lyric video!


i’m very happy to announce i’ve just signed a deal with Karisma Records, who will release my new album in early 2019.