“Multi-instrumentalist invokes Scandinavian melancholy & the spirit of the 70s”
Prog Magazine

“Richly-orchestrated dramatic pop”

“Melancholic and complex music, filled with unexpected chord progressions, rich layers of Mellotron and emotionally-loaded vocals”
Norway Rock Magazine

“It may challenge your idea of what progressive music should sound like”
Tarkus Magazine

“A beautiful auburn empire”

“Inspiring and gorgeous, albeit heartbreaking, classical-countered sophisticated pop. A dizzying spectacle of spell-woven beauty”
Losing Today

“This music is dream-like and melancholy. The songs approach you quietly, yet their resonance casts a spell. It’s a mixture of magical, touching, somewhat off-beat and yet, despite pop elements, anything but simplistic”

“These songs rise from near-silence to a full-on assault of the senses within a heartbeat, then curl up again in a sea of melancholy”
BBC Radio 6

“The year’s autumn soundtrack”