Mix & Production

Rhys Marsh owns and runs Autumnsongs Recording Studio, situated in Trondheim, Norway.

As in-house producer, engineer and multi-instrumentalist, Marsh has worked with a variety of artists and bands over the years — mostly in the rock (alternative, progressive, psychedelic) and singer-songwriter genres — as well as having released 10 albums of his own music.

If you’re in a band, Marsh can help to add details to your songs — some synth in the chorus, some percussion in the bridge, whatever the song needs.

If you’re a singer-songwriter and you have a song, but don’t know how to make it sound finished, or even just finish it, Marsh can help with that — working with you to choose the instruments, sounds and textures that compliment and enhance your song.

If you’d like to talk about your new project, contact Rhys here.

“Wow, how incredibly cool to hear my song in a totally new coat! You totally “get” my song. Thanks for your wonderful work!”
— Julie Hall

“Rhys knows what to do to make your band sound exactly as it should sound. He meets and exceeds your needs and expectations.”
— Ole Mathias Samuelsen (Warflower)