Mix & Production

Rhys Marsh owns and runs Autumnsongs Recording Studio, located in Trondheim, Norway.

As in-house producer, mix engineer and multi-instrumentalist, Marsh has worked with a variety of artists and bands over the years — mostly in the rock (alternative, progressive, psychedelic) and singer-songwriter genres — as well as having released 11 albums of his own music.

As producer, Marsh can add details to your songs — some synth in the chorus, some percussion in the bridge, whatever the song needs.

Alternatively, If you have a song, but don’t know how to make it sound finished, or even just finish it, Marsh can help with that — working with you to choose the instruments, sounds and textures that compliment and enhance your song.

Marsh is also available to mix your songs, if you’ve already recorded some, but want some fresh ears to help finish them.

If you’d like to talk about your project, contact Rhys here.

“Working with Rhys has been a joyful experience from the beginning to the end. His knowledge of music is wide, he is very perceptive to details and he’s very skilled in seeing the greater lines of the music. His contributions during the process have been great, and I never felt there was a clash with my own musical visions. I highly recommend Autumnsongs Recording Studio and Rhys Marsh.”
— Mari Klingen (Lumsk)

“I had an absolute blast recording my debut album together with Rhys at Autumnsongs. It’s a beautiful studio with a warm and vintage atmosphere that gave me the motivation, inspiration and freedom I needed to perform, create, and experiment”
— Gaute Einebakken